English Bulldog Puppies Learn To Walk, Take First Steps (VIDEO)

WATCH: Adorable English Bulldog Pups Take First Steps

What's more adorable than puppies? Puppies taking their first steps, of course.

These little English Bulldog pups are flailing their paws on the carpet as they attempt to walk for the first time.

And just like a baby, the tiny dogs are eager to explore their surroundings and possibly get into a bit of mischief. But with wrinkly faces like that, how can anyone stay upset with them for long?

As testament to their newfound Internet stardom, footage of the three-week-old puppies, Sylvester and Shirley, was recently featured on ABC's "Good Morning America."

This video was produced and published by Suburban Bullies, a breeder of English Bulldogs is located in Portales, N.M. According to their Facebook page, all of their dogs are "raised by and with our family at our home."

While walking proved to be a bit of a learning experience for Sylvester and Shirley, Harper's first steps were more of a challenge.

The dog, which was found in a trash bag, was born with "swimmer's puppy syndrome," a disorder that made it it difficult for the pup to walk and lift her head.

After receiving massage and hydrotherapy sessions, Harper's condition began to improve, and she was eventually able to take her first steps.

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