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English Earthworm Gin: Gross Or Genius?

Not content to let tequila and mezcal have all the booze-soaked-worm fun, English Garden Worm Gin has broken onto the scene.

english earthworm gin

The worm in mezcal has been said to enhance the flavor, be an aphrodisiac and also get you very, very drunk should you be the one to eat it. We're guessing this gin's earthworm, which is probably three times the size of your average cactus worm in a bottle of mezcal, is a cheeky nod to this same mythology.

The creators of this classic English tipple -- with a decidedly quirky twist -- describe the product thusly:

Raised in the fertile fields of southern England, these are some real down to earth-worms. Nutritious and *ahem* delicious, the largest member of the Oligochaeta family isn’t just the juicy prey of the blackbird anymore. We’d love to say that no earthworms were harmed in the making of this product, but let’s be honest; at least they got a proper, farewell booze up.

What do you think? Earthworm Gin Martinis on the veranda?