14 Absurd Things Tumblr Can Teach You About The English Language

"It can be understood through tough thorough thought, though."

While the "microblogging platform" known as Tumblr is essentially a large horde of teens knotted together by invisible strands of WiFi, it is also a sometime place of great revelations. After all, when you're ~*still*~ awake in front of a laptop screen despite your parents having told you to go asleep hours ago, the mind can so easily tiptoe into some extraordinary, sleep-deprived thought.

And so we ventured deep into the website, where taking breadsticks carries political significance and punctuation is hardly ever necessary, and picked up these souvenirs from some Tumblrinos -- who stole some of them from Reddit -- along the way. Through the lens of the Internet, consider the English language.

And a bonus thought to ponder, next time you're alone:

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