28 Signs You Were An English Major

Sure, you might get paid in popcorn now that you've graduated, but at least you can say you kept your integrity.

You cringe every time someone uses incorrect grammar.

But that does make it easier to weed out potential OK Cupid dates.

However, you're still single because you've got REALLY high romantic expectations.


And because this is what happens when you find out someone you're dating doesn't really read that much.

You always have a book with you, no matter where you go.

You have so many bookshelves that you're thinking of getting a storage unit.

You have random outbursts when you have strong feelings about what you're reading.

You often find yourself correcting people's pronunciation.

Oh? Someone you know thought that horrible book was a masterpiece?

You blow off plans to finish the book you're reading.

Your friends always ask you for book recommendations (which you are more than happy to give).

But they also ask you to edit their writing (which is kind of the worst).

Belle is your favorite Disney character because she was always reading (and the beast gave her that awesome library).

You actually miss college for the classes and discussions of literature.

There's nothing worse than being interrupted while you're reading.

This is your reaction when anyone tries to say that English is a pointless major.

You have an incessant inner monologue of every single thing that happens to you.

People would not call you a "practical" person.

You're currently working on a novel.

You refuse to get on the Kindle bandwagon.

You dominate at Words with Friends.

You were fully prepared for the red wedding episode of Game of Thrones.

Your biggest celebrity crushes are authors.

When people say the movie was better than the book, you're all like

You can never figure out why the dinner bill doesn't add up when you split it 4 ways.

You have the perfect argument for why your favorite "Pride and Prejudice" adaptation is the best.

You overanalyze every situation.

You may not have a job, but at least you know that you followed your dreams!

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