Her English Transferware Etsy Shop Saved Her Family's Home From Foreclosure (VIDEO)

She realized just how much her collection was worth.

When Nancy Roberts' husband lost his job, their home, where the couple and their six kids lived, was in danger of being foreclosed. She and her family began holding garage sales to try to make any money they could. And Nancy's main contribution to the sales were her beloved English Transferware dishes. She started selling the dishes online, and realized just how much she could make. Roberts continued to buy and sell Transferware, and eventually, turned it into a business. You can now buy these beautiful dishes from her Etsy shop EnglishTransferware.

Watch the video above to hear more about Nancy's story and to learn about the history of English Transferware, where its influences came from and how it made its way to the USA (hint: the first patterns brought here were specifically designed for Thanksgiving!).

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