5 Ways To Make Your Workout Fly By When It's The Last Thing You Feel Like Doing

5 Ways To Make Your Workout Fly By When It's The Last Thing You Feel Like Doing

We've all been there: Some days exercising is the absolute last thing you feel like doing. It would be so much easier to stick to your fitness goals if working out was fun.

If you're still not buying it after trying your hand at any number of quick-and-easy workout plans, you're in luck. The five simple tricks below won't excuse you from working out, but they will make even tough workouts a little less unpleasant, promise.

1. Take It Outside
outdoor exercise
A 2011 study found that sweating in nature is reinforcing behavior, meaning it encourages you to keep at it. Gym-goers are less likely to say they'll repeat their workouts than regular outdoor exercisers.

2. Pump Up The Jams
You probably already listen to music when you exercise, but is it the right music? A 2010 study found that speeding the tempo up motivated exercisers much more than when the same tracks were slowed down. In fact, upbeat tunes even seem to help exercisers enjoy pushing themselves to that next level. The body is likely playing out a phenomenon called rhythm response, Scientific American reported, which is how much any given song makes you want to bust a move. With the right soundtrack, you'll naturally work a little bit harder, expressing that instinct to move in the form of exercise instead of, say, tapping your foot along with the beat.

3. Fake A Smile
smile treadmill
Maybe that seemingly crazy guy on the treadmill giddily grinning to himself isn't actually in ecstasy with every step. Faking it is a good idea when it comes to smiling -- just the action of putting those happiness muscles to work triggers changes in the brain that actually makes you feel happier.

4. Grab A Cold One
jogging water bottle
Try taking a cold bottle of H2O along for your next jog. A 2012 study found that simply holding something cold helped overweight women feel better while they exercised. In the study, the women performed better without feeling tired as quickly and even reported feeling like they didn't have to try as hard.

5. Just Do It For 10 Minutes
dance living room
You don't have to block off time in your day for an hour-long jog in the park to pick up your fitness. Choose a physical activity you enjoy and get moving for 10 minutes at a time, a couple of times a day. You won't feel like you're slogging through a long workout if you count a 10-minute dance around the living room, but the benefits still add up.

Do you love or dread exercise? How do you make it feel better? Tell us in the comments below!

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