Enjoy Flowers: How To Plan The Perfect Dinner Party

Enjoy Flowers: How To Plan The Perfect Dinner Party
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Title: How to Throw A Dinner Party, The Essentials

Aside from the delicious meal, the ultimate dinner party experience is all about the accessories and the perfect flowers to match your adorned and picture perfect table. Some people start with the flowers and then go about rearranging and adding their personal style to the table. While others use their flowers for the finishing touches. Whichever table setting techniques you choose, make sure you have all the right essentials to throw the perfect dinner party.

Table Decorations

A set of plates and utensils are key to a dinner party. Cotton and linen napkins have to be the most essential items of them all. In addition, nowadays, plates and bowls and glasses don’t all have to match. Venture outside the much more traditional interior style box. A cute centerpiece means you’ve nailed it, but a full set of plates for all of your dinner party guests is still important and respectable.

Another thing about plate decorations is that they are everything. You can use the center of the plate to entertain your guests and give some obvious direction to the dinner party. A name card is a great way to organize a more formal dinner setting or you can always use this space for a game, a birthday card or a reward for your loved ones. Candles always light up the conversation and are intimate for romantic dinner settings. Choose a scentless candle so it won’t interfere with whatever is on the menu. Use your monthly Enjoy Flowers arrangement to pull it all together. A beautiful bouquet of your favorite flowers are a great way to show your effort in providing good dinner party ambiance. Enjoy Flower’s Vase Ready Bouquets are a simple and easy way to dress up any table or any day of the week.

The Invite List

Everyone knows that dinner parties are fun as long as your have enough entertainment. It’s all about dancing to the same tune. According to Jennifer McGarigle owner and floral designer of Floral Art LA, inviting your favorite peeps is top priority! Jennifer suggests including people you’ve known as well as new folks you’d like to get to know more. This is a great way to bring new energy to older circles of friends while making new ones! Often, but not always, balancing men and women in the crowd adds to the chemistry of the overall group. Forethought of intersecting interests between your guests is also a good way to ensure a natural comfort level conducive to getting your dinner party off to the right start! Your invite list will also depend on the theme and type of dinner party you are hosting. Is it a calm night with your beau? Or a fun night with friends you’ve haven’t seen? If your guests are getting along, that means you invited the right people to spend the evening together.

Relax and Stay Stress- Free

Relax and know that when your guests arrive, the planning is over. Go with the flow and remember that your decorations should represent and only empower your dinner party guests to get comfortable. If you get “hosting - anxiety,” excuse yourself to the washroom to take a break from the dinner party. Whether at home with your friends or in a restaurant, people know to generally eat food, drink and be merry.

Curate The Sound

There’s no such thing as a silent dinner party. Music is always a great way to tame your mood. Put on music that’s going to make you feel good about your current state of mind. Whether you are streaming music from online or through a playlist, your guests should be enjoying the conversation and music an easy way to lead the conversation even if your dinner table attendees do much talking. A jazz mix of old and new music will keep your guests merry, whether enjoying a meal or engaging in an exciting conversation about Individual A’s latest travel destination. Arrange your speakers a few feet away from your table so that your guests (or at least their seat mates) can hear each other. In general, music can also evoke memories and get people to sing. What’s better than a party with singers?

Special Flower Arrangements

Nothing says special than beautiful flowers arranged to your pleasure in your home or whichever space you will occupy during your dinner party. When it comes to interior decorating, buying fresh flowers can make a huge difference in any room. They automatically wake up the senses and are beautiful to look at for those of us who are obsessed with creating the perfect ambiance. Enjoy Flowers Fresh Cut Flowers selection is the perfect option to make a few arrangements out of a one large bouquet. Many standard bouquets already include 10-14 stems of various flowers. Take it apart and make it work for your own design needs. Don’t limit that one bouquet, to one area of your home. You can create several small arrangements for dinner stages (the table, the cocktail area, the bathroom break) of your party with one bouquet of Farm Selection Flowers. Use the extra petals as garnish for your table centerpiece or extra accessories to throw in with your utensil holders (if your dinner party is uber fancy). For holiday themed dinner parties, the flowers are always easy to pick out at the market. Choose poinsettias for Christmas and Sunflowers and other orange color, in- season, plants for Thanksgiving and Halloween. Red almost always means romantic, and white colored flowers are a great for celebrating life in general. Get exotic and decorate your light fixtures or chandelier with loose stems. These tips will make your dinner party special while providing the perfect Instagram moments for you and your guests to indulge.

Being A Good Host

Last but not least is being a good host and delivering on what your invite has promised. Embrace your inner hostess with the most-est. Jennifer also suggest asking your invited guests to dinner if they have any specific food preferences beforehand. It’s also good to engage guests by asking questions, introducing them to other guests, as well as starting the conversation out for them if they don’t know one another. Be mindful of the time, and serve good food to your guests. A good host will always make sure each guest goes home fulfilled with a few memories to recall until your next meeting. The best dinner parties always have magical table arrangements because what is a empty table anyways? Even if less is more, a single stem or a huge bouquet is still better than nothing at all.

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