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Enjoying England With the Help of a Great App

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I've worked long and hard and spent piles of money on a pet project of mine: our free Rick Steves Audio Europe™ app. I'm most enthusiastic about the more than 40 self-guided audio tours it offers. But I'm also very keen on the radio interviews we've collected for our app -- conversations with our very best guests, organized in country-specific playlists so you can just download topics that matter to your trip.

For years, I've bragged of my radio interviews, "These are great for filling time productively during long flights and long drives on your trip." Then, yesterday, faced with a five-hour drive from Penzance to Portsmouth, I decided to practice exactly what I've been preaching. On my Rick Steves Audio Europe™ app, I downloaded a playlist of our England-related interviews. Listening to three solid hours of interviews made the drive a complete joy. (And by plugging my phone directly into the USB port of my rental car, I was able to take advantage of the car's fine speakers and keep my iPhone charged up.)

In this photo, you can see some of the great topics I enjoyed: ancient stones, Bill Bryson, British banter, Madhur Jaffrey's Curry Nation, Doc Martin's Cornwall, the ins and outs of high tea, and so on. This really is a boon for anyone faced with a long drive, train ride, or flight wanting a special insight to the region they're exploring. I hope you can download and use the Rick Steves Audio Europe™ app in your travels.

Have you tried this? What are some other ways to pass a long drive in an entertaining and educational-for-your-travels way?