Enjoying Mother Nature Is Wonderful, Healing Self Care

Enjoying Mother Nature Is Wonderful, Healing Self Care
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I'd like to share something wonderful that I do for myself every chance I get that I enjoy for holistic self-care. I'm a very simple, down-to-earth woman, and I always have been, and my favorite healing self-care activity is enjoying the beautiful great outdoors. Just enjoying some fresh clean air and the warmth of the sun on my face is very healing and renews my spirit. I could express how wonderful it feels to be in nature, but as a poet, I would wind up writing a whole essay. I will simply say that feeling the cool moist grass under my feet, sitting down by a shady tree with my eyes closed and feeling grounded and centered by Mother Earth's healing beautiful energy does such wonderful healing things for my body, mind, and spirit. I recommend this to anyone who feels stressed, disconnected, and needs an instant natural recharge of your battery. I love to gaze up at the beautiful blue sky and watch beautiful birds fly across the sky with their beautiful grace. I love to watch squirrels playing and running up and down trees chasing each other. If you are a nature lover girl and animal lover like me, you know how wonderful it feels to do this and it can do such wonders to lift your spirits.

One of the many wonderful things about enjoying this connection is that it will help you feel like a little child. I love being a mother, but to be honest, I lost count of how many times I miss being a child, but I'm sure everyone feels this way. Taking a gentle walk along the beach, a park, by a mountain is a true energy boost and is very healing when you are feeling under the weather. I've enjoyed many meditations sitting on the beach and listening to the sea gulls grace across the sky and I cried tears of joy while meditating. I also enjoy doing yoga and Tai Chi on the beach. The gentle freedom I feel just being in nature is wonderful. It feels wonderful to just be and connect with it all and feel all the healing energy permeate every cell of my body. Enjoying all the senses coming alive is a wonderful healing feeling. I love the fresh smell of the ocean and the cool fresh air blowing through my hair and around my skin. I know that it's not always easy to do this with our busy stressful daily lives and our families demanding so much of our time and energy. This is why I love to go to the beach with my dear husband and our adorable beautiful toddler son. Unfortunately we haven't been able to go lately because it's been very rainy and cold, but once it warms up, we're going to go play at the beach. I am very grateful that I have the ability to enjoy being in nature and connecting and savoring it and I'm very grateful for its wonderful healing benefits. I highly recommend that you do this for yourself and enjoy its wonderful healing benefits too.

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