Enlighting Works: Remarkable experiments with light in Art and Architecture

Robert Irwin's Way Out West exhibit, at The Pace Gallery, inspired this slideshow of some of the most important experiments with light in art, architecture and design. Together with James Turrell and Doug Wheeler, Robert Irwin was a pioneer of the Light and Space movement that began in Southern California in the late 1960s. Their work focused on light, space, perception and experience.

This compilation, that includes Moholy-Nagy's modulator, James Turrell work, UVA's installations, and MIT's Flyfire, among many others, shows experiments by a wide range of artists, designers and scientists working with the medium of light and technology to control and manipulate the effects of light on space, the environment and our sense of reality. Light in these works is conceived both, as a carrier of visual information and as a physical medium in itself.

Working with light

Robert Irwin, who has been represented by The Pace Gallery since 1966, is being presented for the 14th time. His exhibit will be up until January 29.

Also coming up at the MOCA December 12th, will be Suprasensorial: Experiments in light, color and space, featuring pioneering Latin American artists working with light and space.