Enough Already...

Enough Already...
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When I was a young lad, enough already was often said by my elders. As I recall, it was mostly said in the Jewish community -- as a way of telling others to stop doing what they were doing. Although not entirely sure this is exclusive to Jewish folk -- I do remember it being said by mostly females in my family. These days language has become a lot clearer, in some ways that is. In saying that, people do tend to say odd things, for instance, "I'm starving," probably meaning you'd like a snack, or just hungry. In the developed world, generally speaking, starvation isn't something we tend to suffer, thank goodness.

I guess my take about how we communicate has taken on a blend of fussiness combined with being a little OCD (Over Consciously Detailed). Many who seek to improve their lives stress the importance of being kinder to ourselves. Here, I'm referring to how we treat ourselves, speak to ourselves and often don't forgive ourselves. As many health experts tell us, being kinder is vital to our emotional and mental health. Therefore, the accuracy in which we communicate is vital.

So saying you're starving when all you want is a snack is somewhat misleading. I'm not suggesting we watch every word we utter. I am suggesting we become more aware of the meaning behind what we say. For instance, if I refer to myself as being OCD in a public forum, people will probably think, 'Oh dear, poor guy, that must be difficult to live with.' However, if I interpret that as being Over Consciously Detailed, and furthermore, say it that out loud, it becomes less negative.

To some this might sound either OTT or OCD. It'd be true to say I am Over Consciously Detailed. This is an outcome of being an entrepreneur. Having experienced ups and downs in business, I continue to learn how important it is to take care of the details. In fact, the better care I do take, the better care those details take care of me. For instance, avidly researching a potential client, before contacting them provides me with enough information to know how to communicate with them.

So enough already. Time for me to explain how I think we can do better.

Some tips:

Say what you mean, and mean what you say.

Endeavor to communicate authentically.

It can take approximately 45 days to break a habit.

Less is more is so true.

Endeavor to communicate with passion rather than emotion.

Know when to stop and edit.

If not sure, remain silent.

Think before you speak.

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