Enough on the Pneumonia Please

I have not met anyone who is not totally fed up with the commentary on Hillary Clinton's health, and specifically why she didn't tell us she had pneumonia. Excuse me, but we don't need to know every virus and bacteria any of our candidates, celebrities, or even neighbors are suffering from.

Pundits are parsing every word, sigh, expression. In addition, Donald Trump dictates what anyone looks at. If I sound frustrated, I am among so many others who feel the same. Despite the fact that I am a registered nurse and psychotherapist, the level of interest I have in diagnosing every statement and movement is far less than a desire to know the policies and programs that will affect the future of this country and the people who live here.

Do you want to know about my coughs or my pneumonia and how it affected the job I was doing as an appointee of the governor charged with critical decisions? Of course not. You just wanted to be assured that I continued to make correct judgments.

Facebook is full of stories right now from people who had a variety of passing health problems and did their jobs. You would be surprised at the number of public figures who have had a persistent cough, or a bad cold, or a pneumonia, or even surgery but never discussed it because most of the time it was boring.

But the pundits say it shows a lack of transparency. No, it shows a sense of privacy. It also shows that the voyeurism of the media is so insidious that we have taken it for granted.

So can we get back to talking about the issues? What are we going to do about the Middle East? Are we going to deal with the spread of the Zika virus? What is the specific plan for dealing with the economy? What does immigration reform look like?