Enough With the Sex Tapes; Let's Make a Success Tape!

No matter how many times I've been asked this question: "OMG! Did you see (insert public figure)'s sex tape?"

My answer is always the same: "No."

Between you and me, I don't really understand the fascination with watching other people during their intimate moments, but that's not for me to judge. What does concern me, however, is the rising level of conversation and adulation that pop culture gives to sex tape subjects, women in particular, who make their private encounters available for public display.

To be clear, it's not my place to judge rational and capable-minded adults' decisions to play X-rated versions of show, tape and tell, but I do wonder what message it sends to tween and teen girls who stand impressionably as the crowd goes wild.

TV shows, magazines, book deals and more! Such are the rewards for a fortunate few of the many that turn on their bed-cams in pursuit of fame and fortune. But to young girls grappling with self-esteem, group acceptance and let us not forget, boys, the shiny allure of the sex-tape game may look more like a guaranteed road to fame and glory than a dangerous path to a trove of fool's gold.

So as the celebrity-seeking are releasing more sex tapes and adolescent girls are receiving more sext messages, I wonder: Can we, as women, shift the story about what our girls see as successful? Could we avail opportunities for stardom to women who work with their brains and not just their bodies?

As a girl-power advocate, I believe we can do anything -- that includes creating and propagating stronger, more powerful images of women!

In fashion, beauty, art and culture, women decide what's hot and what's not. So this season, let's change the trend from sex tapes to success tapes! Let's make movies about how empowered, driven and accomplished we are. Let's produce peep shows into our everyday professional lives. Let's tape the tricks, stunts and mesmerizing moves we make to keep the office running, the family functioning and the whole world spinning.

Let's make a success tape!

Now, I'm not here to judge those who choose a salacious path to success, but I do aim to create more demand for the celebration of beautiful and brilliant women who contribute ideas and innovations that advance our society every day.

So working women, break out those video phones and call for quiet on the set! It's time to help our girls see all that they can be. It's time to change HERstory. It's time to make a #SuccessTape!