Dear Bernie:

Okay, I totally get that you love the song "Imagine" but listen up, Uncle Murray, what America needs right now is not a wild eyed socialist idealist with cataracts who doesn't work on Fridays after sundown and all day Saturday.

What America does NOT need are anti semitic, delusional, loathed by their peers morons like Ted Cruz or tan sprayed demagogue idiots like D Trump---whose own children didn't even register to vote (!)

What we DO need is a centrist: people who know how to bring sides together.

An intimidating and benevolent uniter/ruler. Someone who understands the political system in DC whose message was approved by Satan.

We do not need someone who is warm or fuzzy or even "tells the truth" all the time because show me a politician who is not on some level full of shit and I will show you a politician who cannot do his or her job. You want to win Survivor? Learn to lie.

The Benghazi scandal was one huge, transparent, taxpayer money wasting made up scandal. Emails? Really? Who give a shit?

What I need is a leader. A shrewd, accomplished DC insider who has raised on the 100% pure beef of American politics.

Now from personal stories I know that Hilary is a deeply empathetic person. I know that for a fact. Not based on what I read or some idle gossip.

I know.

But beyond that she is the captain we need now.

The new Iron Lady with nerves of steel.

Did you not watch the Soviet air show yesterday? Can you imagine Bernie standing down to them?

Putin: Hey, look: Uncle Shmuel is angry at us. Send him a pastrami sandwich from The Stage Deli with a nice Cel-Ray tonic and a sour-to-match-his- personality pickle. (Calm down I'm Jewish)

Hilary is part dove, part hawk and from experience I know never to deal with a woman scorned.

God do we ever need experience.

We need a real life Madame Secretary who has faced down the worst of the worst, who encouraged B Obama to go through with the Navy Seal to take down Bin Laden.

She can't just ignore the banks and indict them. They are a huge part of the New York and world economy. She can however, make them more ethical (good luck with that). We need someone who gets democracy, not socialism. (And I am a lefty).

Think of who you want to stand our ground and take on the world's next psychopath.

Ted is a Cruz missile aimed at himself.

Trump. Out of words. Last one used: asshole.

We are at a moment of extreme extremes now.

Bullying is way up in high school lately. Are you surprised?

Our enemy is not Mexico.

As far as I know, Mexicans are not beheading people or destroying priceless religious artifacts, slaughtering Christians of blowing up airports or Parisian cafes.

Where is the rage at that?

Exactly what did our Mexican brothers and sisters do to deserve the kind of blind hatred that gets played out in Hitler youth style rallies?

Shouldn't we all be banding together for the next World War to eliminate those middle eastern motherfuckers who are nothing more than fairy tale driven, genetic mistakes?

Your previous administration made a literal killing by making up fake Intel (as in LYING) and taking us into a war that bankrupted this country and seeded the violent ;rage that gave us ISIS. How much did Dick Cheney, make from that war?

And yet he is given the heart of a young man.

Pair that with a black soul and see where that gets him.

We live in a coded America where it is clear to this guy that the GOP despised the BLACK boy's residence in the WHITE house and blocked anything they could.

They have spent how much money trying to take away universal healthcare---while most of the world has had it, some for decades?

They have no plan.

Nothing to substitute it for.

They are seditionists to me. Self serving obstructionist pig Americans who pander to the cross bearing, faith based public while secretly selling themselves behind closed door to the NRA for pieces of silver.

They are the equivalent of the host of any religious network who get you to tithe away every penny of you your savings while some of their more outspoken men of God members bang little boys or other men in public bathroom stalls.

They cry out against abortion while they do nothing to vindicate or even honor the bullet butchered children of Sandy Hook or do nothing to rescue the children of Flint Michigan who are slowly being lead poisoned to death thanks to their GOP governor.

True colors: meet visibility.

So. For me the path is clear.

Get me a hired gun with 45 years of service.

Get me a sniper who understands the target.

Get me a woman who knows how to nurture.

A grandmother who knows how to sing a lullaby after a long day of a cage match fighting where she surfacers with hardly a mark on her.


That's all I have to say.


It is not a choice.

It is an imperative if we ever want to be sane again.