It is time for all the allied countries of the free world who are now profound potential victims of terrorism to mobilize and do one mass relentless military strike against ISIS hitting them from all sides imaginable.

Now that everyday street vehicles have become weapons of mass destruction, the risk of attacks have multiplied exponentially and I think now all bets are off.

Personally, I feel like we are way too decent, passive and PC in the way that we take this all on, while we all walk around like the moving duck targets that we are.

We have to stop this uncontrolled madness by treating it like the world war that it already is.

I'm sick and tired of all the concerns and the philosophizing of experts of that particular region.

And since the Muslim community doesn't seem willing or even capable of vetting its own, I'm sad to say that I think we have to do it. That is what you do in times of war.

You profile.

Door by fucking door.

Look I'm a liberal man and I HATE treating any decent, God fearing person with disrespect.

But until this thing becomes manageable what is our choice?

Beginning with the Bush/Cheney Iraq war---which was inspired by fake intel---the GOP created this problem.

And they flip out over Benghazi?

Dozens more Americans died in foreign embassies during the Bush years. And what did the GOP do then?

Absolutely nothing.

But look how scared they are of a lady candidate.

It's not hate.

It's fear of mommy.

ISIS is the reaction to the toppling of Saddam Hussein.

We radicalized them. Sadly the Middle East needs its dictators to keep the lunatics in line. Without them: this happens.

Just picture Bush last week at the Dallas memorial dancing the spontaneous shitting eating grin hula while singing The Battle Hymn of the Republic only to be told sternly by Mother Michelle to stop acting out. That was your world leader ladies and gentlemen.

And you would actually consider more?

We have openly allowed these maniacs to slip into our countries and hide behind the skirts of their own faith.

On the very same track, in this country we give any and all potential terrorists all the opportunities they want to arm themselves with automatic military grade weapons. Do you know that rebels in countries all over the world get buy their weapons on our internet sites? Gun Shops have become the Costco of our lives.

And who has the power to stop all this?

Why, that would be the GOP, who would rather go after Hilary's bungling of her emails than save the lives of American men, women and oh yeah, children.

Right to life my ass.

Our hearts and prayers always go out to the victims, my ass.

How about our hearts and prayers go to the victims BEFORE they become victims?

Yeah that would never occur to your GOP lead Congress.

They are the NRA: the Narcissistic Republicans of America.

And they all come with price tags still attached.

Hey, if you so want to shoot people, or let off some rage, gangbangers included, how about we return to the draft and send anyone in this country with an AK-47 to the front lines to actually do something positive for America instead of protecting their own rights?

We can thank Judge Scalia's twisted interpretation of the second amendment for ALL the mass shooting that happened before and after his ruling. If the slaughter of Sandy Hook children did nothing, what hope is there for us? How fucking inhuman and selfish are we? We are more about the Amazon prime deals than we do the lives of babies---after they are born apparently.

How about we stop allowing these evangelical extremist idiot pandering politicians from pretending that they are God fearing Christians in order to dupe the people of faith in order to get their votes? How about we stop the GOP from tampering with voter's rights so that the economically challenged can't get to the polls? You see, assholes, THEY are America. Not you.

You are nothing more than the ancient white bullet train that is passing you by, faster and faster every single day.

You are now the irrelevant past.

And that motherfucker, is what you call evolution.

What the GOP has been doing all along is exactly what Trump is doing right now. Both he and they pretend to represent and give voice to the conservative right. Why do you think that Trump's pick was Mike Pence? Why not pick Kim Davis as your running mate? There is absolutely no difference between the two.

The GOP has spent 8 years stopping the black guy from accomplishing anything. That was a tacit behind closed doors agreement from day one of his administration. It's been all racism all this time.

Trump is now the voice of the ongoing conservative ventriloquist movement. The only good here is they are finally getting a taste of their own medicine. He is treating them the way they have been treating us. Their dummies have been the talking heads of FOX News.

A friend in a major upscale city in Texas has told me that when he sits in meetings with bankers and lawyers, they refer to our president as "the n*gger president---as do apparently, most people in the red sections of that state.

The Governor of that state has also mangled Obamacare so one cannot use the doctors of their choice. Plus it is very expensive.

This is so they can point to it and say it's Obama's fault.

Blame, blame blame.

The same state mangles textbooks so creationism "trumps" evolution. Because science and its global warming 'nonsense' is just the government trying to tell us what to do.

Lastly off topic/yet strangely on topic: Sarah Palin that stellar incoherent babbling moron patriot is not attending the convention because her son Trick or Track will be in court to answer charges of beating a woman and threatening her life with a loaded rifle. Sarah of course blames the PTSD of war....even though he has never been diagnosed or treated for it. And PS: he never saw action either.

And God bless America.

As for ISIS, the other extremist fanatic group in our lives, we have to stop them at every and all costs.

They are not raised to be human beings.

They are raised to be psychopathic killing machines in the name of their desert religion and that kind of fanaticism is impossible to reason with.

I am sick of them all. All lives do not matter. Most do. I could say that pretty much about any one group in the world including my own.

There are aberrations. Genetic mistakes.

There is evil in this world. Lately the news has been Words About Satan with Lester Holt.

We have to stop sitting around and being passive. Man have we ever forgotten the Alamo. To most that's just a place to rent a car.

We need to become pro-active ---which includes making sure that Trump never ever ever ever becomes president. Stop empowering the idiots.

Not voting is a vote for him.

You have eye-witnessed Hillary on the global stage. Where were the scandals then?

And if you think she's a liar---name me one fucking politician who isn't.

Part of negotiating is bluffing.

Part of dealing with the country is knowing when to divulge the truth and when not to.

THAT is what we want our politicians to do.

Get the job done by any means necessary.

But what we don't want is a racist narcissist inexperienced, hostile reactionary pig who doesn't understand the art of truth telling who instead lies about everything.

Frankly I want someone who is a long trained sometimes dirty playing political animal sitting on the game of Thrones.

I'll take the Mother of All Dragons any day over Ramsey Bolton and his hot handcuffed babe on a rug wife any day. I can just imagine her sitting on a chaise lounge on the front lawn, sunning herself with a reflector while she actively campaigns to make Slovenia the 53rd state.

Trump is as dangerous as ISIS if only because he uses the very same playbook. They both believe in their man in the sky Gods.

Only in Trump's case that man in the sky is himself.

The Emperor has no clothes---and yet they are made in Mexico and Bangladesh. He's a man of the people alright. Especially the seven and under sweat shop factory workers that he employs.

Trust me they get to pose with a cardboard cutout of Trump as part of their pay.

It is time to wake the fuck up and stop allowing fanatical individuals to ruin your lives.

It's time to stop being the nice guy.