I Am Firmly In My 90s And It's Absolutely Fine

Now that I am firmly in my 90s, I know you are anxiously awaiting a report.

I have good news for you; it's fine.

Family and friends ushered me into this decade with loving gusto. A community garden was named for me and dedicated in an elaborate ceremony that involved 50 children.

At a party thrown by me, Iris and my kids surprised me with a slideshow of many photos of yours truly, including a series of me sleeping with my mouth open -- ugh but funny.

The book I compiled of blogs and short stories was printed. It's good looking and, I swear, good reading. I have 300 books in inventory and they are available for free. If you are a reader of this blog, you are entitled to a book. Don't be bashful; ask for it. I pay the postage.

And hey, I made two new friends. One is a young woman who sits on a non profit Board with me. Spontaneously, we decided to have lunch. That was fun so we had another. Now we are on each other's radar. She is the great granddaughter of Herbert Lehman, who 110 years ago lent my father the money to go to the University of Michigan. Who could have foreseen such a connection down the line?

My other new friend is a woman my age who is new to my acting class. She read my book and praised it. Who, I wondered, is this woman of such good taste? I googled her and found that she is a well established writer -- fiction, non fiction and poetry. We have scheduled a lunch and I look forward to it.

I have added to my schedule two sessions per week of physical therapy for my lower back. This involves electrical stimulation, heavy vibration, manipulation by a chiropractor, and guided exercise. My back feels stronger and, since I can do many of the exercises at home, the benefits should continue.

Yes, this is a felicitous time. I am so lucky to be married to Iris, to have a loving family and good friends, to live well in one of the world's great cities in one of the world's great countries.

Dear reader, don't be afraid of old age. Hopefully, you will embrace it as, hopefully, you embrace every age. Each age, I think, has its peak; then you slither into the next age and rise to its peak. Like going from young adult, to young married to young parent and on and on. Of course, in my nineties, I've had my last slither.

This may be my last blog. My editor at Huffington is leaving. She has been an encouraging friend who has never turned down even one of my 60 blogs. Her replacement might be more interested in widgets than you and me. I don't do widgets..

Happy holidays and don't forget the book...

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