Enterprises Demonstrate Alarming Vulnerability, Research Reveals

Security is a bigger issue than ever before. The number of attacks on companies is rising and hackers are getting more sophisticated. The worst cyber-attacks are causing havoc. If you lose your website or your hosting provider crashes, where is that going to leave you?

The answer for many companies is that they are going to have to start all over again. In a recent survey by CloudBerry, 49% of respondents said that they only had one copy of their business's data. Imagine what would happen to these companies if they ever lost that data.

With malicious attacks and complete system losses happening all the time, companies are in danger.

What the Survey Said

With 49% of companies not having more than one copy of business data, they are at risk. But this is not the whole story. Another part of the survey discovered that 36% of enterprises backed up their data entirely. This is good news, but the same number of respondents said they didn't perform a single backup at all.

Everyone else fell somewhere in between. And that's a major issue that CloudBerry is aiming to solve. They are a provider of backup and file management services hosted entirely on the cloud. They make it easy for companies to protect their businesses by storing business data online.

CloudBerry has grown as a result of the threat becoming very real.

What Can Happen

It's easy to say that this will never happen to you. Your business has been operating for years and it's never shown any signs of being taken down. You haven't had any downtime at all caused by factors within or outside of your control, so why do you have to worry?

The answer is that the chances are you have just being lucky. The survey said that 27% of businesses had lost business data multiple times. This doesn't include the people who have simply lost their entire companies once. It's people who have lost everything multiple times.

So what can actually happen if your company loses everything?

Believe it or not, a lot of companies don't do anything. They agree that they can't justify the cost of getting up and running again. When you lose all your customer data and your whole website, you have lost all credibility and it could cost thousands of dollars to start from the bottom.

For 50% of small businesses, this price is too much to pay and they simply never open their doors again after a disaster.

Even if you do manage to get up and running again, you have the possibility of legal action, as is the case with the recent student loan scandal. The law states that you are responsible for the customer data you store on your systems. If you lose someone's personal information, you are liable and you could end up paying out thousands in compensation.

What's Available Now Isn't Good Enough

Another fact collected from this survey is that 42% of people are relying on automation services for their backups. In most cases, backup services are provided by hosting providers themselves. Businesses tend to pay extra for these backups that happen without the need for any input by a human operator.

At first glance, this is a smart move because it means you don't have to spend any time thinking about your security, but on the other hand companies often have a poor knowledge of their hosting providers. Not all backups were made equally. It's not unthinkable that a host will go down and lose both your website and your backups.

It's also not as secure as you think because you are storing everything in the same place. The same company is hosting both your web data and your backup. If one is obliterated, the chances are so will the other one. If a hacker managed to log into your cPanel, they will have access to both the backup and the original.

That's why you need another way to protect your data. It's your duty to make sure that you are using multiple providers and multiple locations to secure your data.

Why are Cloud Backups So Effective?

The concept of the cloud is all about not storing your data in a physical location. It's about leaving it online so you can access it from anywhere. It's an essential part of your disaster recovery plan because if your office and its systems are destroyed in a flood or a fire you can simply access your backed up data from another device.

As you can see, there's a reason why CloudBerry has become so popular and why it has helped thousands of businesses.

What are your views on the state of enterprises and the security of their business data?