Entertainment Gift Guide 2012: Give Your Friends & Family What They Actually Want This Year

For those readers who like saving their holiday shopping until the last minute, but are always surprised when nothing they want is still available, here's some good news: HuffPost Entertainment's gift guide for the entertainment fan.

Below, find an easily navigable 10-item list to take with you to the store (or, better yet, Amazon) and make this holiday season as painless as possible. Items range from the obvious ("Avatar" on Blu-ray) to unique (a gorgeous, $1,095 turntable).

Help us out, too -- if there's a movie or music item you're excited about that isn't in the guide, let us know in the comments. You're not the only one with plenty of gift-giving left to do as well.

This week, keep an eye on our Twitter account for a give-away of Beatles' vinyls.

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Gifts For The Entertainment Fan