Enthusiasm Gap? Colorado's Would-Be Governor Laments Lack of Crowds (VIDEO)

Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper spoke Tuesday at the City Club of Denver. In response to a question about the initiative process, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate described a lack of citizen enthusiasm.

"And I think the initiative process, if nothing else, does get people invested. It turns some people off but it does get some people invested. And that's part of, I think, what we all need to do. How come there's not 200 people in this room? Right? You've got the mayor of Denver who's running for governor; be the first, I don't know if the first ever, but certainly the first mayor of Denver who'd be elected governor of Colorado in 75 or 100 years. No one's . . . You know, I go around the state and I don't get huge crowds wanting [to] take apart what I said, or challenge me on various issues. There's a certain nonchalance that people kind of . . . 'Ah, that's government, we don't really have to worry about it.' You know, it's not, it's not what we need."

At this point in the speech, Hickenlooper campaign spokesman George Merritt and I looked at each other and shared a laugh; he knew I would be posting this video.

But if I was a Hickenlooper supporter, I would not be laughing. It's now 12 days out from Election Day and - in my view - Hickenlooper is going NOWHERE beyond the 46 percent Real Clear Politics polling average.

The ONLY question is whether or not challenger Tom Tancredo can catch Hickenlooper by Nov. 2.

And Hickenlooper's remarks raise a much more compelling issue (than voter apathy) in my blonde head.

Mr. Mayor, maybe it's not them; maybe it's you.

After attending two Denver-metro area events for Tancredo (at the Grizzly Rose and the Stampede) that were wall-to-wall packed, I have to say that I saw and felt a wave of political energy about to hit shore.