Why Your Bright Idea Is Doomed

I love women entrepreneurs. They are never lacking for amazing ideas (a trait that many entrepreneurs have in common regardless of gender). In fact, it usually the ongoing stream of ideas that got them into wanting their own business to start with.

And off we go to do just that. We hold our brand new shiny ideas and our dreams of serving customers better than anyone who traveled before us out in front of us like badges of honor. We spit-shine it and get ready to send it out into the world only to discover we didn't give quite as much attention the business part as we needed to.

Here's where I could go into the nitty gritty details of a project plan and why ideas fail to see the light of day due to poor planning, not enough capital and the standard business litany of why business owners need more than just a great idea to make money. You already know this stuff -- even if you are not using it.

Yet, that is not really the biggest risk to an entrepreneurial-minded business owner. Not by far.

The biggest risk? Bright ideas travel in packs like hungry wolves looking for a fertile hunting ground. Great and brilliant ideas are insistent, impatient and selfish. They don't want to wait until the first idea is fleshed out, fully planned and launched with great success. Rather, they gather at your feet, jump onto your lap and demand attention.

Instead of fueling your business, your bright ideas are dooming it.

Enough. It is time to gain control over the bright ideas that are roaming freely through your brain. Your attack plan can look like an idea journal, a better business strategy with placeholders for new ideas or even a running list in a Google document. It can consist of lassos or traps or favorite wolf treats.

What matters the most is that you have a plan for conquering the business doomsday machine whose slogan is "Boy, do I have a great idea!"