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Entrepreneurs are the New Rock Stars

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I am so proud to be an entrepreneur in a time when it is so celebrated (and cool) to be one.

When I was growing up, my parents wanted me to be successful, which to them (and so many parents of my generation) meant you could either become a lawyer or a doctor--I became a lawyer. The idea of becoming an entrepreneur was not even in the realm of career possibilities for my parents or for myself, as there were too many risks of failure. What my parents and I couldn't yet understand or predict, was how technology would eventually provide an opportunity that would ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in so many people, like myself.


Having spoken at several business schools and hearing so many students share with me their entrepreneurial dreams, it is incredible to think how far we have come. Entrepreneurs are the new career rock stars. Here are some of the reasons why being an entrepreneur rocks:

1. Innovation.
Becoming an entrepreneur has taught me how to dream big AND create results by making these dreams actionable. Pioneering and dominating a space (which in my case is online luxury consignment) is deeply fulfilling and rewarding. Knowing that you created something unique and lasting gives one an incredible feeling of satisfaction.

2. Being In It to Win It. A healthy dose of competition will always keep you on your toes at all times. And you will discover skills and abilities you never knew you had as you are continually having to out strategize your competitors.

3. The Author of Your Own Life
. You are in charge of your own destiny and business. This means you can push the envelope and create your own rules. This can also mean less bureaucracy and processes to navigate. In my business, less red tape means making decisions faster and working more efficiently and seamlessly as a result.

4. Experience Personal Growth. You are accountable for all of your own success and failure. When the mirror is pointed directly at you and all of your shortcomings, you will be forced to grow personally, so you are then able to take your business to its next level. The buck stops with you -which literally informs every decision.

5. It's Never Too Late To Follow Your Dreams. I had a successful second-act to my career. Being an entrepreneur has taught me that it is never too late to follow one's passion. It's always inspiring to hear that but to really experience it--to literally live your dream is truly amazing. I consider myself not only lucky but truly blessed. I love going to work every day and truly enjoy what I do.

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