Entrepreneurs: Tired of Feeling Like You're on a Roller Coaster Ride? Do This

You know that feeling when you're on a high one day and you feel very low the next? You get a big idea for how you are going to take over the world and the next day you think, but who am I?

Maybe one day you think everything is right on track, and the next you are wondering what the heck you are thinking.

You feel like you have come so far and can envision your future accomplishments, and the next day, you feel like you haven't come far enough at all. It swings both ways, and happens often.

It can be really frustrating trying to build a life and business that you love, when you are so all over the place on the inside. Especially when you are really trying to create consistency in your business.

It all starts to feel like you're on a roller coaster that you are not operating. You start to wonder where your emotions will take you next and you've had enough.

Don't worry. There's a simple mindset shift you can make to help relieve this up-and-down feeling. It will get you back in control.

I know this feeling all too well and this is my go-to solution that I use to get myself back on track and balanced:

I get grounded!

What is getting grounded?

Getting grounded means connecting with the earth and bringing yourself back to the here and NOW. It's about being present, authentic and mindful of each action.


When you operate from a grounded state you feel better and make better decisions in your life and in your business.

Here are five "get off the roller coaster" ways to get grounded:

1. Connect with nature and the earth. Go to the beach and stick your feet in the sand, walk barefoot on the lawn or hug a tree. Go for a walk outside. Take in the moment and the environment around you to help you get out of your head.

2. Get your head out of the sky. If you feel like your head is all up in the sky, imagine that you can see your body leaving the earth, floating up high above the ground. Then imagine grabbing that image of yourself and pulling yourself back into your body on the ground.

3. Plant your feet and look at them. Notice the connection with the ground you are standing on. Being aware of this is helpful. You can even imagine a light shining from you, at the ground level, all the way into the center of the earth, connecting you with the core. Yoga also helps with this mind and body connection.

4. Ask yourself what is really true. Take inventory of where you really are in your life or your business. We tend to fall into what-if thinking and make stuff up about what might happen. Notice what is really going on rather than what you imagine things to be.

5. Remind yourself that you live here and now. Not in next month, or next year. Ask yourself to stop worrying about that and come back to now. Practice bringing yourself back to the moment.

This one moment is all we really have. Practice these grounding techniques. The more you practice, the more often you will feel balanced, present and in control. Go get grounded.

Laura Ann Allahverdi is a Personal Life Coach, Biz Strategist & Game Changer. Founder of www.lauraslifecoaching.com, her mission is to bring you to living beyond what you believe you are capable of. That means a life of passion and purpose. A resident New Yorker, she works one on one with private clients all over the world to get them unstuck and creating life they way they really want it. She can quickly get to the root of the matter and bring clients to see things differently. "When you think differently, you do things differently and then you get different results." Get your FREE Digital E-Guide to Living Life on Your Terms