Entrepreneurs: Vessels of Love

Could it be that the "E" in entrepreneur does not stand for evil? If you embrace the call to improve the quality of lives for others, then you are on the path to fulfill you full potential. As entrepreneurs, we leverage enterprise as a force multiplier to help end suffering, uplift others out of poverty and improve the quality of lives for others. We enjoy the material fruits of our labors in the process, such as real estate, money, investments and more. We benefit from the spiritual fruits that come about in our hearts as we see miracles occur in our own lives, in our families and in our communities. Whether you own a cleaning franchise or run a billion dollar family business, it's time to remember why you were created to serve through entrepreneurship.

You Are a Vessel of Love

What's a vessel? According to the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, a vessel is "a person regarded as an agent or embodiment." Many entrepreneurs accept that they are change agents, but few are aware of the calling to be agents of love. What's loving about running a start-up technology firm that makes collaboration about work teams easier? What does showing up at a wealthy couple's home to unclog their sink have to do with love? You are not your business. You, not your business, is the vessel of love. No matter what you do, you have the opportunity to carry love into any situation. Your business is a platform to showcase who you are: a vessel of love. Every interaction with a colleague, contractor or client should result in you asking these two questions: 1) Are there any hidden opportunities here to show love? 2) What is the lesson here about love? Watch how your response to situations improve as well as the state of your business over time. The more you express love, the more creative you'll become. Creativity fuels entrepreneurship, and it's what you need to be sustainable and profitable.

Your Business is a Vehicle for Love

Love has to be expressed to count. That's the gift of your business. You get to express love every day, through entrepreneurship. Whether you run a business from home and have little interaction with people, or give speeches to thousands of people at events, you can share love. For example, some of your competitors may thrive on a business model that destroys lives. As a vehicle of love, your business model should be different. Your mindset should be to create an ethical business model or implement best practices based on love, even if you think you'll end up with less market share or revenue. Some entrepreneurs can attest to the fact that the material and spiritual results they gained by allowing their businesses to become vehicles of love was far more than they could ever dream for themselves. Another example is to enter negotiations with the mindset of love. Can you be a vehicle of love and still enter a room with sharks who show no mercy? Yes. Love is not weak. To be a vehicle of love, you have to have amazing strength to resist a culture that thrives on ego and hate. Love wins, and you can win at negotiations without seeking to humiliate the opposition.

Your Legacy is Love

It's unfair to say that most entrepreneurs are greedy, but that's the public perception. Entrepreneurs can change that perception, and it's our duty and responsibility to do that. One of the most effective ways is to leave a legacy of love. Our families and communities should feel the difference we make in the lives of others because of our success in business. Does the word "love" come to mind when your clients and the communities you serve think about your company name or brand? Why do successful corporations hire community relations specialists, social responsibility officers, or spend so much in charitable contributions? They do so, because love is the most powerful brand message there is. Philanthropy impacts the bottom line. It's one way entrepreneurs choose to build a legacy of love, The people served as well as current and potential customers take note and say thank you with orders, subscriptions, sales, referrals and more. Don't wait until some future date to decide what your legacy will be. Start today with simple acts of love as you do business.

Perhaps you think it's too late. You've burnt bridges, the bills are due or love doesn't apply in your industry. Worse, you'll lose respect from your staff or colleagues if you start expressing love. Acknowledge that this is all fear based thinking. You may experience pain in the beginning. It's no different than starting a new business, with limited resources or without knowing what the future holds. Love takes a little faith. Know that the best is yet to come.