Entrepreneurship Will Change Your Life: Here’s Why

Entrepreneurship Will Change Your Life: Here’s Why
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Entrepreneurship has the power to give you satisfaction.

I’ve written articles in the past that seemingly discourage people from becoming entrepreneurs. These are targeted toward energetic, typically young go-getters who believe that being an entrepreneur will make them rich; I want to dispel myths and help them be realistic about their business goals.

But today I want to talk to an opposite audience; people who never seriously considered entrepreneurship, or who have thought about owning their own business, but have never taken the next steps in doing so. I’m here to tell you that entrepreneurship will change your life, for the better, and if you’ve ever been interested in owning your own business, now’s the time to get started.

The Benefits of Entrepreneurship

These are just some of the ways that entrepreneurship could change your life:

· You’ll finally feel in control. Most people surrender their lives to the demands of a typical 9-to-5 job, and accept the limitations of that arrangement. When you start your own business, you make the hours, you make the rules, and you call all the shots.

· You’ll earn every dollar you make. You’ve earned money per hour and per year before, and maybe even based on your results (such as with a commission system). But as an entrepreneur, the sense of truly earning your money is even stronger, since you’re profiting from something you built from scratch.

· You’ll make new connections and earn a better reputation. You’ll get to know other entrepreneurs and influencers in your area, and your reputation will grow, setting yourself up for anything you want to do in the future.

· You’ll gain meaningful experience. No matter what your post-entrepreneurship goals are, and even if your business is a failure, you’ll gain meaningful experience in leadership and decision making you can carry with you to your next venture.

· You’ll make unforgettable memories. Don’t discount the powerful subjective experiences you’ll have, and the uplifting strength of those memories. You’ll remember your time as a business owner for years to come.

Entrepreneurship certainly isn’t for everyone, but regardless of whether you succeed or fail, the experience has tremendous value. I encourage you to try, at least once, to start your own business, and if it doesn’t work out, you’ll still walk away with more than you started with.

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