Entry 17 OUR TRIP TO PHUKET Part 2

Continued from >>>> Entry 16


I walked up the hill to the street and yelled, "Hayyyy!!" A lone tuk-tuk comes up the street, hears me holler, makes a U turn and we hop in, leaving the club manager still on his cell phone. On our ride home I am feeling happy and tired. The breeze from the open air Tuk Tuk added to my overall contentment. I find that I monitor myself and how I am feeling all the time. Is this gonna be a good day? How do I feel right now? Tonight is good night for me. Rick saw an elephant with a rider on its back lumbering down the busy highway on our way back to the hotel. After that, Rick looked for that elephant every night we were in Phuket!
The next day I woke up and my ankles looked like the elephant's Rick saw the night before. I think it is from the flying and the treacherous hike down to Eka's party. I ice them and try to stay off them.
The next day we check into The Double Tree. The hotel is massive. It is U shaped with a swimming pool that winds around the interior of the hotel. Our room is a good half mile from the hotel lobby, or so it seems with my limited mobility. It is also on the second floor facing the children's pool. Oh well, we have a room for the next week and we are secure. But, there is no wifi! One has to go to the lobby to get wifi. And it is imperative I have wifi for all the connections, messages, and information regarding Christian I will be receiving. I spend a lot of time walking back and forth to the lobby on my giant elephantine ankles. That first night at the hotel I am bitten by a spider? Something. The right side of my face is swollen, my eye shut. Rick is taking long walks on the beach and "discovering". He is my tour guide for all the fun things we do when we travel. All I want him to "discover" this morning are a couple of ice bags.
I am messaging Mia, Tarn and A. Tarn tells me Ant will be bringing Christian on Feb. 25. It is the 23nd. I am to meet the gentleman who will be bringing the form for A to sign that will allow Christian to come home with us. We make contact by phone and I ask him if he might leave it in the lobby for Rick to pick up. Oh no, it is too important not to be handed over in person, I am told. Because of my condition Rick meets him in the lobby and we are given the paper. Cross one crucial item off our list of things that must be dealt with. Now we must get the all- important passport. We still do not know if it was sent to A in Surin City. If it was, then this trip is all for naught. We will never get it. As A is not in Surin City and has not been there in some time. The night of the 23rd we are to meet A at Bliss, a restaurant on Surin beach. (again not to be confused with Surin City)
We get there and wait. She calls wondering where we are. She is sitting in the back of the restaurant and we are in front. She brings lavish gifts: a beautiful black leather purse for me and some lovely Thai wood carvings for Rick. I bring her lotions and soaps. I feel terrible I have not brought more and tell her I want to take her shopping for a new outfit.
She is charming, sweet, kind, and affectionate. She tells me she is excited to see Christian. We have a lovely dinner and she shows us the custom Vespa she rides that used to be Josh's. It is the same Vespa she escaped on, the day she was too ill to see us at the house she and Josh rented. I tell her to wear a helmet, and she pulls one out of the back of the bike and off she goes. Rick thinks she is adorable and I don't know what to think.
We make plans to have dinner the next night and she chooses the place. During the day, I am feeling better so Rick and I go to breakfast on the beach at Audies. They have fabulous corn meal banana pancakes with honey. As we sit there having breakfast, I am struck by all the women in bikinis. Young girls, fat woman, old woman, skinny woman; no one is wearing a one piece bathing suit. I stopped wearing a bikini a while ago but thought 'when in Rome' so on the way back to the hotel I buy a turquoise and white flowered bikini for $6.00. from a woman selling wares under a palm tree. I wore it every day and threw it in the trash the day we packed up to leave. I couldn't talk Rick into a speedo though, the bathing suit worn by all the men. I mean allllll the men.
That night A picks a place to eat in Patong Beach. We walk down from the hotel and catch a tuk-tuk. It seems as if it is taking us forever to get to our destination. As it turns out the tuk tuk driver isn't familiar with our destination. I reach for my cell phone only to find it not in my purse. "Darn, I left it on the counter at the hotel when getting directions to the restaurant." Oh well, it'll be safe. I am sure the concierge has it.

To be continued....