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Environmental Racism Takes Hold In California

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Don't we all deserve clean air? The answer seems obvious, but in the predominantly Latino, Black and poverty-stricken neighborhoods of Southern Los Angeles many--especially young children--are left wondering.

Source: 1996 Toxic Release Inventory (U.S. EPA), 1990 U.S. Census. Via

As illustrated by the above map, people of color live--overwhelmingly--within life-threatening confines of toxic release facilities. Here, pollution from power plants, refineries, industrial waste facilities and the intersection of five major freeways is a familiar neighbor--asthma a common cold.

Communities For A Better Environment is a non-profit founded to bring environmental justice to impoverished areas of California. Watch as the group takes environmental correspondent and Huffington Post Green contributor, Simran Sethi, on their shocking tour: Toxic Tinseltown.

Watch as Members of Communities For A Better Environment discuss environmental racism as well as how low income and minority communities are affected by these injustices.

For more of Simran Sethi's coverage and activism against environmental injustice, check out her web series, The Good Fight.

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