Environmentalism is Satan's Cause!

Thank God for the Christian Right, and the fiery fortitude that fuels its furious ferreting out of the ever-wily ways of the enemy.

Guess who God's new avowed enemy is?

No, not the gays. Pfft. C'mon. The gay issue is so 2010.

Now our heroes in the crusading vanguard of the Christian right have in the focus of their eagle eye the soul-destroying cult of environmentalism.

Recycling is for the damned, brothers and sisters! Fuel-efficient cars are the devil's work! The only alternative energy sources environmentalists are really interested in are the fires of hell!

Oh, you question this? Really? So the devil already has you grasped in his slimy green talons, has he? Well, it's not too late! If you are so shamefully unfamiliar with God's will that you doubt environmentalism is "one of the greatest threats to society and the church today," then go right now to the website Resisting the Green Dragon. There you will find the fruits of the labors of "some of the top Christian leaders and scholars in America," who have selflessly given of themselves, so that you might be able to purchase from them, for the special, 10 percent-off, pre-order price of only $71.90, the 12-part DVD series, Resisting the Green Dragon, "A Biblical Response to One of the Greatest Deceptions of Our Day."

Yes, it takes a long while to realize it's really only four DVDs. But it's 12 half-hour lessons that you can use in your church's Sunday school classes, adult-education classes, Bible classes and small group meetings. That's the point. And it comes with a 30-minute bonus documentary! And a book that's sure to contain a great many complete sentences. If that whole eye-opening package isn't worth $71.90 plus shipping and handling, then I'm a monkey's uncle. (Which I'm not -- and never was, or could ever be.)

The video below will show you what Resisting the Green Dragon is all about. (Take particular note, during the video's heart-poundingly frightful opening, of the image of the Soviet sickle and hammer, fleetingly shown at the end of the intoning voice-over's "... environmentalism is striving to put America, and the world, under its destructive control." Hit the pause button at 0:09, and the truth will be revealed to you: that's no hammer inside that sickle! It's the propeller of a wind-powered electrical generator! Why, if that's not further proof that Obama is a socialist, I don't know what is.)

Remember, friends: If you don't think environmentalists are in a Satanic cult seeking to undermine everything that good Americans hold dear, then you're just not thinking at all.

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