Envision Festival Official L.A. Pre-Party on 1/28


With the fifth annual Envision Festival in Costa Rica just around the corner, what better way to spread the vibes than with a pre-party? Lu Fam Pro and Luminous Movement presents the official Envision Fest L.A. Pre-Party on Wednesday, January 28th, 2015. Every Wednesday, Luminous Movement brings the best in the underground electronic music and art scene to Zanzibar in Santa Monica. With this budding new consciousness that is spreading to the minds of many, the world is learning the art of awareness through art and music, much like the Renaissance period.

For both those who are attending Envision in Costa Rica and those who cannot make the trek, the pre-party offers a delicious sampler platter of blissful beats. Kaminanda, Imagika Om, and Nicefingers will be providing vibey sounds to wiggle to. There will also be a sensory buffet platter that includes live painting, vendors, massage, and even a special kombucha drink at the bar. Benedigital will be caressing his canvas with strokes of color as admirers watch his every brushstroke. Vendors include Mostly Minerals, K'ulu Misk'i, Lumen Legacy, Earthdrop Designs, Create Awake Sacred Geometry Jewelry, Indradhuanu Designs, Massage Zone by KJ & Will Edmonson, and Starfire Water & High Country Kombucha.

The music of Kaminanda is a mixture of dark and light, uplifting and sexy, midtempo and downtempo. His transcendental tunes raise the pulse and the spirit of the dancefloor. He utilizes his own internal rhythm to create a unique style of worldly beats and heavy bass. His music is best enjoyed by the spiritually awake. Kaminanda is known for his integration of spirituality and world music into his bass-driven tracks. Imagika Om is a sonic alchemist who co-produces music for legendary circus troupe, Lucent Dossier Experience. Known for her earthy beats and cosmic layers, her music is a reflection of her multi-faceted connection to sound. An ordained Priestess of the 13 Moon with Ariel Spillsbury and initiated into the Sri Vidya tantra lineage in India by Sri Amritananda of Devipuram, Imagika is creating music that heals and awakens. Her music has been described as gypsy glitch, tribal trap and temple OMstep. DJ duo Nicefingers were reuinted in 2012 after traversing the world in the eternal search for intercontinental inspiration. With new perspectives in their eyes and new sounds in their ears, they released a four track EP titled imagiNative on Street Ritual Records in January of 2013. An ever-evolving entity, Nicefingers has joined the genre-bending revolution bringing astral beats and dirty bass to our auditory cortex.

Like the Envision festival itself, this lineup is a beautiful example of unity within diversity. Though each is very unique in sound, all three of these artists share a deeply rooted spiritual connection to themselves and the world around them. Music by itself already has a way of firing off neurons in our brain. This inter-connectivity of the human spirit with musical frequency creates an experience beyond entertainment. Music is where the secular meets the divine and dance is the manifestation of this union. With music as your loyal companion, the world is a much more colorful place.