Envy in Disguise? 7 Reasons People Admire Donald Trump Even If They Won't Admit It

Some people didn't take him seriously. Others were angry and outright disgusted by his antics. Donald Trump as the presumed GOP nominee? Who would have thought? He still has a long way to go before he makes the permanent move south to Washington, but when Ted Cruz and John Kasich dropped out of the race last week, it seems the only person who can stop a Trump presidency now is the Democratic nominee.

How did Donald Trump crush his competitors when there is so much hate and anti-Trump messaging out there? It's a classic case of, "Don't listen to what people say. Watch what they do."

The reality is more people like Trump and want to see him as the next president, even though they won't admit it. They play the 'I'm against Trump' card publically, but privately they support him, voted for him and envy his style. A closer look at human psychology reveals why people really like Donald Trump and are attracted to him, even if they won't fess up to it.

1. Donald Trump is bold: Champions, in general, are a bold group of people. Their superior confidence allows them to constantly push the envelope. Boldness is so prevalent to these people because their belief system keeps telling them they're getting closer to victory, and a little more effort will do the trick. Most people don't possess this level of boldness, so when they see it in other people, they're attracted to it.

2. Donald Trump isn't addicted to the approval of others: Most people are afraid to say how they really feel especially when other people might not like what they have to say. They fear being scolded by their peers, rejected by their friends and family, and ousted from everything they hold near and dear. It's conformity at all costs. Trump doesn't need the validation of others, and it's one of the reasons he's so successful. You might not always like what he has to say, but you respect the fact that he's willing to say it.

3. Donald Trump has a world-class work ethic: Donald Trump gets stuff done. Most people work just hard enough to escape being fired. The most successful people like Trump, on the other hand, know that a world-class work ethic will bring them a stream of opportunities to make it big. It's the reason why so many immigrants come to the free world and become millionaires. How high is your work ethic? Try playing at the level of Trump and watch your productivity skyrocket.

4. Donald Trump loves adversity: Champions believe if you remove the adversity, you remove the victory. While most people choose the path of least resistance, world-class performers continue to push the envelope. Adversity, to the average person, equals pain. People like Donald Trump know that adversity is the ultimate catalyst for mental growth. Most people don't welcome adversity like Trump, but they sure wish they could better handle it like he does.

5. Donald Trump is decisive: While most people are timid and lack confidence in their own judgement, Donald Trump and other great leaders are known for their ability to make decisions, especially under pressure. Stop habitually playing not to lose and procrastinating for fear of making mistakes. Copy the actions of Trump and others and learn to develop a sound decision-making process. It will make you a better leader and people will respect you for it.

6. Donald Trump is a comeback artist: When Donald Trump was $9 billion in debt in the early 1990s, did you really think he was washed up for good? When he first campaigned for the U.S. presidency in 2000, and bailed out of the 2012 election saying he was "not ready to leave business and the private sector," did you really think that would be the last of him? Of course not. World-class performers keep coming back for more and more. Just when everyone thinks they're done for good, there they are right back in the thick of it all. The underdog quite often gets the most fans for his ability to defy the odds.

7. Donald Trump things BIG: If you ask most people what they are thinking at any given moment, you might be surprised to learn how many think about just getting by. This is called "selling yourself short." People like Donald Trump know that if you're going to be thinking, you may as well think big. The great ones are always thinking about how to turn their ultimate vision into a reality. Trump doesn't see the world as a scary place, but rather as an exciting adventure with endless possibilities.

Donald Trump isn't always smooth around the edges and he's not always right in what he says. The truth is more people admire him, his personality, character and leadership style then want to admit, and the numbers prove it.

Next time you hear someone slam The Donald, it might just be an act because that seems to be the thing to do. Really, though, it's more than likely envy in disguise.