'Epic Chef,' Food Competition Show From Epic Meal Time, Features Talented Chefs And Gross Challenges (VIDEO)

If you've ever watched an episode of "Epic Meal Time," you know that good taste and portion control are not central themes. We'd be silly to expect anything different from the show's spinoff program, "Epic Chef," which pits actual chefs against one another in a gross battle of unconscionable proportions.

The series' first episode, a breakfast challenge, features celebrity chef David J. Alvarez and the winner of "Top Chef" season two, Ilan Hall. But "Epic Meal Time" host Harley Morenstein clearly isn't impressed by accolades. "That doesn't mean shit here," he says in the intro.

In classic "Epic Meal Time" fashion, the ingredients are less than refined. There's "sushi-grade lard," huge handles of rum, various breakfast meats and an entire suitcase -- yes, a suitcase -- filled with bacon.

Morenstein provides a commentary throughout that would make Alton Brown blush, spouting such gems as, "David's making sex for your mouth," "The clock is a vicious bitch" and "This isn't a kitchen! It's an internet show." Morenstein and his panel of celebrity judges, which includes a crass Duff Goldman from "Ace of Cakes," make sure to take plenty of shots as the chefs cook.

Whose cuisine made the judges hate themselves more? Find out in the below video.

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