The Crazy Over-The-Top Milkshake Recipes You Totally Want

Most of the ingredients don't even fit in the glass. And that's the whole point.
Beth Cakes

Some people think of milkshakes as an indulgent treat. And then there are those who think it it could be better, topping it with candy, ice cream sandwiches, whipped cream, more candy, doughnuts and brownies. Those folks are the geniuses behind such decadent places as NYC’s beloved Black Tap, London’s genius Molly Bakes (where they’re known as “freakshakes”) and Australia’s Pâtissez in Canberra. And those people have changed our expectations of milkshakes entirely.

If you don’t live near one of these epic dessert creators, don’t despair. You can make these treats in your own home. And we have the recipes to help you do just that. But first, a tutorial of sorts. This is how these beautiful, tremendous towers of sugar are created at Black Tap.

If you haven’t fallen into a sugar coma watching these mile-high shakes being built, you have passed the test. And you’re now ready to try your hand ― and test the limits of your stomach ― with one of these crazy, over-the-top milkshake recipes below.

Neopolitan Extreme Milkshakes
Poppy Talk
Get the Neopolitan Extreme Milkshakes recipe from Poppy Talk
Birthday Cake Milkshake
Aww, Sam
Get the Birthday Cake Milkshake recipe from Aww, Sam
Salted Pretzel Nutella Fudge Milkshake
Half Baked Harvest
Get the Salted Pretzel Nutella Fudge Milkshake recipe from Half Baked Harvest
Edible Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Milkshake
Salty Canary
Cotton Candy Milkshake
Aww, Sam
Get the Cotton Candy Milkshake recipe from Aww, Sam
Epic Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshakes
Sugar Hero
Donut Milkshake
Aww, Sam
Get the Donut Milkshake recipe from Aww, Sam
Unicorn Bark Mikshake
Beth Cakes
Get the Unicorn Bark Mikshake recipe from Beth Cakes
Ultimate Brownie Crazy Milkshake
Kevin And Amanda
Get the Ultimate Brownie Crazy Milkshake recipe from Kevin & Amanda

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