Epiphany: An Open Farewell Of Son To Mother

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My dearest Sporty. Sorry it took your death for me to appreciate how similar we are, opposed to how different I thought. I will always remember that in the end, you lived YOUR life on your OWN terms and independent of what others thought or said about you, and even things I've said. As I remember the tough as well as the happier times, I realize there is no room for me or anyone else to lament or regret the terms in which you lived your life, for they were yours to establish. You're the great woman that single-handedly made me a strong man. And you proudly relished that fact.

You see, we sometimes beautiful yet always flawed creatures expect PERFECTION from others but never from ourself. You never would have gotten the recognition or praise you deserve on this side because people aren't perfect. By default, our not being perfect, will always disappoint other people no matter what we do. But your passing has given me light and the blessing to continue the path of living MY life on my OWN terms. I'll continue to reject the terms other flawed creatures and naysayers have demanded in order to fit into their perfect-only club, where people like you and I, need never apply.

In an epiphany moment, I've suddenly realized, that I'm the same as you in that way. For I too, live my life, on my own terms, and never subject to the loud opinions and obnoxious back talk of naysayers. Your passing has acknowledged that my legacy will be much the same as yours, in that my life is governed on terms I've established, independent of the approval or blessings of others. I love you dearly for teaching me that life lesson as you've transcended to an eternal and peaceful resting place. Nothing more matters here for you now. I'm so very grateful for that. And even more grateful you were my mother down here. Your purpose has been served. Rest in the peace of knowing, you've made me, while still flawed, a more perfect creature.

With loving memories of our life together,

Your son,