Epke Zonderland, Netherlands 'Flying Dutchman' Gymnast, Wins Horizontal Bar Olympic Gold (VIDEO)

WATCH: They Call Him 'The Flying Dutchman'

Gymnast Epke Zonderland of the Netherlands is amazing on the horizontal bar. In this video from August 7, Zonderland takes his routine to gravity defying new heights.

His performance, which culminated in the Netherlands' first Olympic gold medal for a male gymnast, shows why Zonderland has earned the perhaps-too-easy but undoubtedly appropriate nickname "The Flying Dutchman."

What does it take to achieve this level of strength, grace and agility? Well for starters, Zonderland comes from a family of competitive gymnasts and has been honing his skills since age 4, according to his website.

Seriously, somebody needs to get Zonderland to wear some Google glasses so the rest of us can see what it's like up there. Are you reading this, Nike? You're welcome.

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