Artists Get Graphic About How To Deal With The Coronavirus

The Erase COVID campaign focuses on what organizer and artist Michael Buchmiller calls “PSA Art that I’d like to own.”

Graphic artists from all over the globe are banding together to paint a picture on how to handle the coronavirus.

The Erase COVID campaign features 52 artists from seven countries creating what organizer and acclaimed concert poster illustrator Michael Buchmiller calls “PSA Art that I’d like to own.”

That means pathogen- and hygiene-oriented posters, greeting cards and fridge magnets in a variety of styles.

“When crises happen, artists make things as a response, and that’s how this started,” Buchmiller said in a release. “After I designed some posters I reached out to other artists with the idea and it’s grown from there. We all care about giving back, and this lets us do that.”

As you can see from the sample art below, not only do the works spread valuable information, they’re attractive enough to display long after the virus is controlled.

I Can't Stop Touching My Face
Cough Like A Vampire
Wash Your Paws
Social Distancing Champion
Stay Home: Choice Of Champions
Social Distancing... That Means Everyone
Stay Home Please
Give Each Other Some Space
Wash ’Em
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