Erdal Inci GIFs: Cloned Videos Create Hypnotizing Never-Ending Loops

Awesome Never-Ending GIFs

Last November Erdal Inci's had us hooked with his mesmerizing cloned GIFs. Now the Turkish artist back with more endless sequences, and we're caught in his beautifully bizarre loops all over again.

According to Colossal, Inci makes his never-ending images from cloning sections of video he shoots around Istanbul. His GIFs show himself in a black hoodie running through city streets like a "cloned robot army," as he states on his Tumblr. At night, he uses a flashlight to illuminate the streets and quiet parks of the city he calls home.

Scroll through the slideshow below to get lost in Inci's hypnotizing GIFs, and let us know what you think of his images in the comments.

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Erdal Inci

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