Ere Karjalainen, Finnish Teen, Wins Mobile Phone Throwing World Championship (VIDEO)

At some point in your life, you've probably become so frustrated with your cell phone that you wanted to hurl it as far as you possibly could.

That's why, in part, the Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships are held in Finland each year. A modest competition in the small Finnish town of Savonlinna -- just a four hour drive from Espoo, home of Nokia -- the Championships see hurlers compete to throw old, discarded cell phones as far as they possibly can. This year, a Finnish youth named Ere Karjalainen broke the competition's previous record by throwing a cell phone an impressive 101.46 meters (that's roughly 333 feet, for you Americans).

The Telegraph has video of the record-breaking throw (no narration, but it's the tattooed boy who got drunk the night before who set the record):

Though the contest's official website boasts that Karjalainen holds the world record, a bit of intrepid reportage from our friends at Engadget revealed that the real world record still belongs to Chris Hughff, who threw a mobile phone 102.68 meters at an event in Belgium earlier this year. The Guinness World Records website, too, lists Hughff as the holder of the "Farthest Mobile Phone Throw By An Individual (Male)," though it puts the record distance at just above 95 meters. Perhaps Karjalainen and Hughff could square off in an epic showdown, an Ali/Frazier and/or Phelps/Lochte-type primetime event.

There's always next year, I suppose.

This was the twelfth year of the competition, and you can already sign up for the 2013 version for just 5 euros right here.



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