Eric and Donald Trump Jr. Are Cowards Just Like Their Daddy -- From A Military Family Member

There are many reasons why Donald Trump should keep his mouth shut, and cower in the shadows where he and his family belong after making disparaging remarks about the Khan family earlier this week. However, here are the two biggest ones.

The first is Eric Trump. The second is Donald Trump Jr.

We all know that Donald himself is a coward who grew up entitled and managed to dodge the military; he's dodged everything in life: taxes, debts, paying people for hard work they've done.

According to Trump biographer Michael D'Antonio in his book The Truth About Trump, Trump told him, "I always thought I was in the military," because he attended an elite private prep school while he was a teen. He later had multiple deferments during the Vietnam War, and had a doctor give him a medical exemption when his number was called... for heel spurs. What a coward.

When this idiot had the nerve to say that John McCain wasn't a war hero "because he was captured." Yeah, that's a direct quote. He went on to say, "I don't like people who were captured."

Well, I know a mom, Maria Duran, of Corona Queens, whose son Sgt. Alex Jimenez was ambushed and captured... in Iraq. I sat in her home many times for weeks, called and listened to her tears as she picked up bad intel on the news and from the internet.

Her son's remains were found ONE YEAR LATER. A year.

Can you imagine what that must feel like to not know, for a year if your son is alive or dead, or being harmed daily? I am haunted still by the empathy that I could never even quite get to, nor should any mother, God forbid, have to. Her son was there at the same time as my little brother, and for military family members, nothing takes more bravery than to trust and have faith.

Mrs. Duran didn't know that she was a Gold Star Mom as we sat on her couch then, but she later found out. I have had the heartbreaking honor of meeting too many more since then. For Donald Trump to even say a peep about the Khan family and their sacrifice should make every service member, every American, and anyone except a member of ISIS's stomach turn.

If at this point, you love our country and military, I'm not sure what else to say except that we all know his record of military cowardice and lack of any service, you can read that anywhere. Enough about him, to my point about his being a "great role model and father" to his children. Role model indeed.

Donald Trump has not one, but two, able-bodied, of age, gun-loving, animal-shooting, God and "love of country" sons, whose only boots that have ever hit the ground were made by Prada... and on Park Avenue.

Now that, my friends, is disgusting.

Sure, they're telegenic with their Barbie twin wives and two-thousand-dollar suits. Spray tans and slicked hair along with slick words, but they don't know what slick is. Slick is serving and shipping out for a tour in Afghanistan, not knowing if you'll make it home.

Brave is leaving your family behind, while they spend every minute of every day praying, wondering, and hoping... that their loved one is alright.

Sacrifice is what these military families make, the sleepless nights. The phone calls that rarely come. The anticipation of their coming home for Christmas. The agony and brave face you must make on deployment day, as you see your kid brother pick up his rucksack and start walking towards the plane, not turning back... while you hold back tears until you get into the car.

THAT is sacrifice. That is a sacrifice that few know, and that these COWARDS, the Trump Family, have never known.

I know that sacrifice. I know the pain of sitting with a Gold Star Mom, who doesn't know that she is a Gold Star Mom yet, because her son has been ambushed and captured. The hours, the minutes, the pain.

These ivory tower idiots, who claim to represent America, represent nothing except their own greed and ambition. They know nothing about real Americans, they know nothing about our fine military or their families.

So, to Eric and Donald Jr. Trump I say: the next time you feel like being a badass and shooting a big gun? Don't pay a luxury resort $50,000 to kill an exotic animal from the back of a truck -- go enlist. Lace up some real boots and go serve and protect us, like so many of our brave young men and women do. Tiffany, it isn't too late for you either, baby girl. You'd make a fine soldier.

Proud Americans? No, they're not.

To attack a Gold Star Mom, who lost her son while he was fighting to protect us.
To call a war hero, John McCain, who was a POW, a loser for "being captured."
To attack a Four Star General, Marine Gen. John Allen and call him a "failed general."
To call our entire military a "disaster."

Trump and sons, having never served a day in their lives, are despicable. It is offensive to every military family member out there, and does not make for a Commander in Chief. He may be able to build a wall, but how can a man who hates the military so much lead it? He simply can not.

This should be something to remember, come November. Because if you are FOR our Troops, you are AGAINST Donald Trump. Plain and simple.