Eric Bischoff, Staten Island Firefighter, Allegedly Used iPad To Beat Wife

Looks like more bad press for Apple.

A Staten Island, N.Y. firefighter was arrested for allegedly striking his wife in the head with an iPad, the Staten Island Advance reported.

Authorities say Eric Bischoff, 39, was charged with assault and harassment after drunkenly hitting his wife with the Apple product and then pulling her by the hair to the ground when she tried to escape, according to CBS New York.

Bischoff's wife, 37, told police the couple had argued on Sunday night over a picture she'd "displayed on the Internet."

According to the New York Daily News, Bischoff, a 14-year FDNY veteran, fled with the iPad when police were called to the scene.

He was eventually taken into custody on Monday and charged.

However, Bischoff, a recently elected Uniformed Firefighters Association trustee, denied the assault allegations to the Advance.

"It's a personal, private matter," he told the paper. "In these matters, what's reported is not always as it happened."

Bischoff was released after his arraignment on Tuesday and is expected back in court in April. The Daily News reported that he has not been suspended from duty.



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