Eric Bolling Fires Back At Stephen Colbert And His 'So-Called Comedy Show'

Bill O'Reilly isn't the only one at Fox News taking shots at Stephen Colbert.

Eric Bolling fired back at the Comedy Central host during "Cashin' In" Saturday after Colbert mocked comments Bolling made about Earth Day earlier that week. Bolling said Monday that he celebrates Earth Day by blasting the heat or air conditioning and sparking up the barbecue, to which Colbert later teased, "I would hate to be the dumbass who has to pay this guy's utility bills."

Bolling did not find the joke funny.

"I'd hate to be the dumbass that has to watch your so-called comedy show," he said. "Perhaps you might want to take a comedy lesson before you take over for David Letterman. I mean, if you can't tell a joke when you hear one, I can't imagine you'll be able to deliver them on 'The Late Show.'"

Bolling may not be a fan of Colbert's show, but the feeling appears to work both ways. Colbert went after Bolling in September for comments he made about Ariel Castro and said 'I want to kill myself' every time he watches Bolling's show.

(h/t: Mediaite)