Fox Host Says He Would Have Replaced Mizzou Football Players

"Fine, goodbye. We'll find 25 or 30 new ball players to sit in."

Shortly after University of Missouri president Tim Wolfe resigned on Monday in the midst of massive protests about racial inequality on campus, Fox News' "The Five" held a discussion on the controversy. 

Wolfe had been under pressure to step down for months, but things grew increasingly dire last weekend after 30 black football players said they would not play their next game if he stayed on.

"The Five" co-host Eric Bolling lashed out at the players, saying they deserved to be kicked off the team.

"I would say 'Fine, goodbye. We'll find 25 or 30 new ball players to sit in. We may lose the rest of the season,'" he said. "I'll take anyone on this team, hey I'll take the basketball team. You want to come play football? Hey, let's go and see how it works out."

Fortunately for the student athletes, their actual coach was more supportive.

"The Mizzou Family stands as one," head coach Gary Pinkel said on Sunday. "We are united. We are behind our players."

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