Eric Bolling: Obama Got Sandra Fluke To 'Create A Controversy' (VIDEO)

Fox News host Eric Bolling speculated on Tuesday that Sandra Fluke, the law student who has become famous for being attacked by Rush Limbaugh, was part of an elaborate White House plan to distract voters from the economy.

Fluke first gained attention for being denied a place at a hearing about the Obama administration's contraception policy. It was this incident, along with her subsequent public call for her Catholic university's insurance plan to cover the cost of contraception, that led Limbaugh to call her a "slut" and a "prostitute."

On Tuesday's "The Five," there was little sympathy for Fluke. Bolling cast her as a tool for a broader mission.

President Obama and his "allies in the press" were "trying to pull a fast one on you," he said. Calling Fluke a "foot soldier" for the White House, he added, "President Obama, on the ropes with the economy and specifically with women voters, gets Mrs. Fluke to create a controversy, and the liberal media puppets play along as scripted."

Co-host Bob Beckel called the idea "ridiculous," but the show's other hosts seemed to agree with Bolling. Andrea Tantaros scoffed at "anyone who thinks this was accidental."


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