Eric Bolling Mocks Occupy Wall Street With Tin Foil Hat (VIDEO)

Fox News host Eric Bolling found a new way to mock the Occupy Wall Street protesters on Friday's episode of "The Five."

Bolling wore a tin-foil hat and nerdy glasses, and held a sign reading "Occupy The Five." The gesture seemed to go down well with most of Bolling's colleagues, who chortled appreciatively at his lampoonery and played video of what they felt were stupid protesters in the movement. Co-host Andrea Tantaros chimed in, saying that the protesters never brushed their teeth. Greg Gutfeld added that he didn't see any point to Occupy Wall Street.

Co-host Bob Beckel was not so amused, though, telling Bolling he should be "embarrassed" for his family.

Occupy Wall Street has not exactly been met with joy and approval at Fox News. Ann Coulter compared the protesters to Nazis during an appearance on the network's sister business channel, and Bill O'Reilly called them "crackheads." The movement has returned the favor, criticizing Fox News in interviews and shouting down its hosts when they have made the trek to the Lower Manhattan encampment.