Eric Brakey, Maine State Senate Candidate, Defends Swimsuit Dancing (VIDEO)

Maine state Senate candidate Eric Brakey (R) defended video of himself dancing in a swimsuit on Tuesday, clarifying that the footage was for an ad dating back to his time as an actor.

In an interview with the Bangor Daily-News, Brakey explained that the clip was from a national commercial for Vita Coco coconut water -- an ad campaign he was part of during his time living in New York.

“The idea is … people drink it, they want to dance and be Brazilian so you’ve got people dancing in Brazilian Speedos," said Brakey, who is running in Maine's 15th district. "It was a real fun time and I stand behind the work."

The Kennebec Journal adds that the video of Brakey, who turns 25 on Thursday, was posted on YouTube by Vita Coco. Church pastor Mike Hein, a former Christian Civic League employee who circulated the videos, emailed that Brakey looked "demon possessed" in the clip.

Brakey, who currently serves as Chairman for the Defense of Liberty PAC, saw otherwise, telling the Journal that "people need to know" who he is.

“It shows that I’m a full human being with more experience than just working in politics,” Brakey said. “I think that’s something that people want. It shows I’m not just a career politician.”



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