Eric Cantor Implosion

Eric Cantor Implosion
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I don't know much, but I know this.

When a political campaign gets nasty, it is close.

If you are running for an office, you head is in the game. You are getting donations from scores of people who see you vision of the future. You see the goal right there before your eyes. What are you going to do?

You think about Wednesday morning after crying in your beer the night before after the returns come in and you lost by 9 votes or 61 votes or whatever small number was the difference. You are going to replay the decisions in your mind that says, "Should I have gone for the jugular?" What are you going to do?

If you are an incumbent, you are scared. Somebody like Eric Cantor has been nationally celebrated for being the only Jewish Republican Congressman. You are being challenged. Very good ads (below) are being run by a sacrificial lamb whose hooves have turned to claws. But the guy is rag tag at best. You are polling at around 50%. You can certainly win because you know you will get some undecided's, but you've been around for a long time, and just squeaking by isn't going to have any national luster. Your identity is tied to being a Congressperson. Anything that challenges your office, challenges you. Has the office and attention warped you?

Your opponent, Rick Waugh (link), doesn't have the resources you do. He doesn't have your resume. You aren't even going to give him the time of day.

A funny thing has happened on the way to the victory lap. Your refusal to debate Rick Waugh, is turning into a liability. You Tube videos are starting to show up of you actually dissing voters (link). The real unforced error is having a group of pot-bellied, good-ole-boy sheriffs man-handling citizens who are active in the process:

These things are getting the media play just for their abject stupidity. There has not yet been the transference to the Waugh campaign. The question is now not how badly you are going to thump this guy, Rich Waugh, but do you have enough of a dwindling lead to hold on? Is this weekend long enough for the transfer to occur? All the money in the world can't stop the waves like this from lapping the beach. It is just too late.

Will there be more unforced errors being brought on by the panic attacks of the political end game? I am getting the sense the published mainstream polls are inaccurate because of random sample issues. I believe there are internal polls showing a different story. That is why we are seeing vile and violent episodes as this campaign season winds down.

If the Waugh campaign had enough people and resources, they could set up laptops at the polls running a continuous video loop of the Congressman Cantor dissing people mixed in with the beat-down. The poll workers would not have to say much to those undecided voters going to the polls.

My only surprise is that the mainstream media has not looked at Rick Waugh at any length. He doesn't appear to be a witch, or using medications that he appears to have stopped taking. He seems normal enough. It is a shame that the big media can't look at a regular guy as a contrast to Eric Cantor.

The issue of being a Congressman for just some of the people may actually stick around as a decent issue. I just don't know if there is enough time left in the Waugh Campaign to make a difference.

Note: I just got a message that is legit to put here:
I just got called out by Nathan Cox.
"I sure do wish you could've been a little less biased, and MENTIONED, the CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVE, named Floyd Bayne running against Rick Waugh and Eric Cantor as well. (link) (in case you weren't aware)"
Nathan you are right to say something!
I am happy to give you a piece of my floor.
My apologies.

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