Eric Engberg Fires Back At Bill O'Reilly On HuffPost Live Over Falklands Controversy: 'He's Completely Nutty'

Former CBS News correspondent Eric Engberg fired back at Bill O'Reilly on Monday, telling HuffPost Live the Fox News host was "dishonest" and "irresponsible" in recounting his story that he reported in a "war zone" during the Falklands War in 1982.

Engberg, who worked alongside O'Reilly in Argentina, called O'Reilly "completely nutty," and asserted to host Marc Lamont Hill that O'Reilly lied when he told Howard Kurtz on Sunday that he was "out there pretty much by myself, because other CBS News correspondents were hiding in the hotel.”

Engberg was one of these "other CBS News correspondents," and refuted O'Reilly's account.

"There were five correspondents working that story for CBS. Four of them had been on that remote site for weeks because the Argentine government would not allow us to go to the Falkland islands," he said.

Engberg offered an explanation for O'Reilly's harsh words against his former CBS colleagues, saying that O'Reilly is still "bitter" that CBS News told him weeks after the night in question that O'Reilly "wasn't going to make it as a correspondent."

Engberg also defended the original New York Times article O'Reilly has cited to verify his claims of gunshot fire during the Argentine riot. Engberg claimed the story actually debunks O'Reilly's account.

"I have read that story by Richard Meislin, and it is an accurate depiction of what happened that night. That is not combat," Engberg said. "That is not a combat zone."

Watch clips from the interview above and the full conversation below:



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