Eric Fletcher, 'Bowling Alley Bandit,' Arrested In Florida Robbery, Police Say

When it comes to defending their lanes, Fort Myers bowlers aren't playing games.

On the evening of April 30, three men donned ski masks and entered Pin Street at Fort Myers Bowling Alley, NBC-2 reported. One suspect fired a gun at the ceiling before telling "everybody to hit the ground," said witness Carolyn Trump.

The three men immediately headed for a cardboard box containing over $30,000, according to WINK News. The cash was on hand to be used as prize money for a bowling league tournament.

When the robbers split, several brave bowlers tailed them to a nearby apartment complex in an effort to identify the getaway car, according to the Sun Sentinel. The pursuers blocked the vehicle in the apartment parking lot, where the thieves shot at them multiple times. The bowlers were spared any injuries, WZVN ABC News-7 reported.

Unfortunately, the bowling alley bandits ultimately got away, but police later found the car abandoned with the prize money and guns inside, according to MSNBC.

Police have arrested Eric Fletcher, 24, as one of the robbers, and say they have leads on the other two suspects, according to WZVN. Fletcher is charged with robbery with a firearm, firing a weapon from a vehicle, three counts of assault, and 61 counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill. Cops pinned Fletcher with the help of a cell phone found inside the getaway car, NBC-2 reported.