Eric Garcetti 101: 9 Things You Didn't Know About LA's Next Mayor (PHOTOS)

Garcetti's Secret Hipster Life

In honor of Eric Garcetti’s offbeat inauguration this Sunday at Grand Park, we’ve compiled a list of the mayor-elect’s craziest quirks and most surprising hobbies.

Unlike his predecessors, Mayors Antonio Villaraigosa, James Hahn and Richard Riordan, Garcetti isn’t planning to hold some fancy-shmancy inauguration ball; instead, he’s hosting a free block party at Grand Park, a location perfect for large crowds and blaring music. Moby, an electronica luminary, will be among the musical performances.

Choosing to move the ceremony to this setting reflects Garcetti’s eccentric charm. He’s a true LA hipster at heart -- eco-warrior, social media connoisseur, yoga guru and even part-time actor. Click through the slideshow to get an inside look at Garcetti’s secret hipster life...

Loves To Rave

Eric Garcetti 101

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