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It's Been One Year Since Eric Garner Died. Here's What's Happened Since.

Friday marks the anniversary of Eric Garner's death from a fatal police chokehold in New York, but the aftermath of his death is far from over.

The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating whether Officer Daniel Pantaleo -- who put Garner into the prohibited chokehold -- should face federal civil rights charges. A New York state appeals court is deciding whether records from the grand jury investigation into Garner's death should be made public. And earlier this week, New York City announced it would pay the Garner family $5.9 million in order to fend off a full-blown wrongful death lawsuit.

Garner's death was the catalyst for massive #BlackLivesMatter protests across the country and helped inspire a series of criminal justice reforms in New York state.

As protesters march in New York Friday, calling for Pantaleo to be prosecuted and the grand jury records to be released, here's a look back at the saga that followed in the year after Garner's death.

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