Monty Python Legend Eric Idle Has The Dirtiest Idea For His Funeral

The comedy icon names the song he wants to be played at his own closing act.

Comedy legend Eric Idle’s funeral might be one of the raunchiest acts in town.

The Monty Python alum stopped by Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show” to talk about the stories in his new book, Always Look on the Bright Side of Life, including some unforgettable shenanigans with the Rolling Stones and the cast of “Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back.” 

The book’s title, of course, comes from a song Idle wrote for “Monty Python’s Life Of Brian,” an upbeat tune complete with cheerful whistling that’s sung during a crucifixion. Idle told Colbert that it’s become the number one song at British funerals. But when asked, Idle said it’s not what he wants to be played at his own closing act. 

Idle picked “Sit On My Face,” an ode to oral sex that he wrote for one of Monty Python’s albums: