Google CEO Eric Schmidt Joins Twitter: See His First Tweets (UPDATED, PHOTOS)

*See update below*

Google CEO Eric Schmidt seems to have finally joined Twitter, a microblogging site he once described as providing a service he once likened to "a sort of poor man's email systems."

Eric Schmidt, Tweeting under the username Eschmidt0, Tweeted out his first two status updates at about 9pm PT December 6, 2009.

As TechCrunch points out, Schmidt's first two Tweets (see below) "took some time for self-promotion":

See Eric Schmidt (@Eschmidt0) on Twitter here.

UPDATE 10:09AM ET: As Twitter user @MikeLizun noted, Schmidt's account has yet to be officially "verified by Twitter." Twitter explains its < a href="">"Verified Account" system:

To prevent identity confusion, Twitter is experimenting (beta testing) with a 'Verified Account' feature. We're working to establish authenticity with people who deal with impersonation or identity confusion on a regular basis.

The "Verified Account" badge consists of a white checkmark inside a blue circle that is posted at the top right of the user's page, once it has been checked out. We'll follow @Eschmidt0 and update the post when Twitter confirms whether it's the real Googler or not.

UPDATE 12:31PM ET: Twitter has verified that the account ESchmidt0 belongs to Eric Schmidt. Schmidt is following, among others, Heidi Montag and rapper "PDiddy," Sean John Combs.

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